Point Blank
Germany, 2017
Duration: 4:31 min.

Animation Daniel Hartlaub
Music Sieghart Schubert
Thanks to Kirstin Zahnt, Georg Brinkies and Jakob Roepke.

The Film was made at the residency in Cammin-Mecklenburg at Gelbes Haus.

Film Festival Screenings:
Lichter Filmfestival Frankfurt International, Germany
Corto Nero, Italy

Point Blank tells the story of a picture in the making.

As if drawn by an invisible hand, a room appears, then a woman on a stool, and then a gun.
The objects come and go, transform and morph until they seem to have found their final form and position within the order of the picture. These changes trigger a kind of imaginative storytelling in the mind of the onlooker, which is dramatically enhanced by the suspense-packed film score by Sieghart Schubert.
Thus one not only witnesses the creation of a drawing but also of a film, subtly blurring the line between the two forms of storytelling techniques.
The lifesized drawing was created solely on a tablet as a digital drawing. It can be seen at „point blank range“ on a corridor wall of a manor house in eastern Germany.

The drawing will be part of a room installation, which I developed together with the sculptor Georg Brinkies during our residency in autumn of this year. As part of the installation Brinkies created huge bar stools made out of oak. The installation will be inaugurated with a performance at the beginning of next year.
Looking at the work in this context it is not only a film but also a drawing, a room installation and a performance, bringing together artists from different fields of disciplines.