DREI SECHS NULL° at Frankfurter KunstSäule from 18. May – 10. August 2017

By means of the Black Drawings and 360° sounds composed by J Peter Schwalm the intention of the exhibition Drei Sechs Null°  is to create a future scenario which „spins“ us in the year 3600.
With an opening performance by Stella Schimmele and Kath Wit.

Drei Sechs Null° at www.frankfurter-kunstsaeule.de
Charcoal on paper/Digital Drawing
Various Sizes

The Frankfurter KunstSäule is a classic advertising pillar turned into an open air 360° Gallery. Situated in the so-called „Brückenviertel“ in Frankfurt Sachsenhausen the Pillar will show 3 different artists throughout a year.

For more information visit www.frankfurter-kunstsaeule.de

Photos: Hans-Jürgen Herrmann