2048- WHEN IT ALL BEGAN. Graphic Novel at Museum of Applied Art, Frankfurt. 2015-16

2048 is about love! In the year 2048, the main characters of 2048 Ed and Tilda experience unexpected adventures in a museum that is the last refuge of humanity. Through their love – and thanks to the design classics of our ordinary modern life – the world might get a new chance indeed…
2048 is a science fiction love story as a graphic novel, accompanied by the music of J Peter Schwalm and animated filmclips, both made available to the readers using their smart devices and an augmented reality app.
A new sequence premiered every two weeks in the Bistro of the Museum Angewandte Kunst (Museum of Applied Art), Frankfurt, Germany.

2048 – When It All Began at Museum of Applied Art, Frankfurt.
Printed Graphic Novel (original drawings charcoal on paper), Music, Film

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 Photo: Katarina Ivanisevic


Photos: Anja Jahn