LILI Improvisation 1. The animated music-video. 2019

The video uses images from the exhibition LILI, with a score by Necessary Animals. The music is improvised by Bill John Harpum and Laurens Price-Nowak. It was recorded and mixed in Hastings by Fritz Catlin. The session was produced by Keith Rodway, and is a bonus track from the CD Necessary Animals, available as a digital download from bandcamp. The original vinyl LP, with CD included, is available from Necessary Animals.

The animated short film LILI is about the life-story of a woman and the street in Frankfurt Germany she has lived in. The viewer follows certain moments of her life, from birth till death and at the same time sees her surrounding constantly changing. The string music by British Necessary Animals subtly catches the mood of the drawings and this bio-historical set-up. 

The original drawings of LILI are on show at Kaiserzeit Frankfurt (Kaiserstrasse 59) Germany till 2020.
So LILI is not only a film but also an art exhibition.

Germany 2019
Digital animation
Length: 8:33 m

Drawings/Editing: Daniel Hartlaub
Music (video): Necessary Animals