HELGA. Black Drawing at Schloss Cammin. 2019

“Everyone has a story. There are so many stories in a story. This is a great gift to think back, to have a memory. And not only to think back, but you still recall the smell, or you have the feeling, and feel like it was yesterday. Is this not a great gift? You really want to hold on to every experience you have”. 

„We are a dreaming family. My grandfather dreamed a lot, my mother and I too. I was blessed with dreams that came true, dreams about the future“.
Helga Meyer

The drawing HELGA tells the story of the eventful life of Helga Mayer. The drawing is inspired by the book “Under a Leafless Tree“. 

HELGA is permanently shown as part of the group exhibition “Kunst im Park” at Gutshaus Cammin.
The work is accompanied by an animated film, which can be watched online.

The exhibition opened on Mai, 10th and 11th  2019

Running Time: permanently

Electro Drawing (charcoal) on aluminium
240 x 121cm
Video (score by J Peter Schwalm

Other exhibiting artists:
Silke Bartsch / Georg Brinkies / Emily Collard / Veronika Radulovic /
Jakob Roepke / Susanne Schirdewahn / Zelin Sah / 
Andreas Wolf