HELGA. Animated music film. 2019

“Everyone has a story. There are so many stories in a story. This is a great gift to think back, to have a memory. And not only to think back, but you still recall the smell, or you have the feeling, and feel like it was yesterday. Is this not a great gift? You really want to hold on to every experience you have”.

„We are a dreaming family. My grandfather dreamed a lot, my mother and I too. I was blessed with dreams that came true, dreams about the future“.
Helga Meyer

The music film HELGA, which is also a drawing, tells the story of the eventful life of Helga Mayer. The drawings and music of the film are inspired by the book “Under a Leafless Tree”.

The drawing HELGA is permanently shown as part of the group exhibition “Kunst im Park” at Gutshaus Cammin.

Germany 2019
Digital animation
Length: 6:03 m

Drawings/Editing: Daniel Hartlaub
Music (video): J Peter Schwalm