THE GIRL WHO NEVER WAS 3. Room Installation / Black Drawings / Video / Performance / Live-Concert at Alte Schmelze, Frankfurt. 2022

The third part of THE GIRL WHO NEVER WAS was set up in the old industrial halls of Alte Schmelze (Tanzhauswest/Milchsackfabrik). In this mysterious surrounding the story of the girl continued.

After the first two Parts of this exhibition series (at 1822 Forum and Schloss Geyso) and inspired by the new location, the halls of Alte Schmelze were turned into a crime scene using large-scaled charcoal drawings, furniture, various analogue and electronical objects and sounds by J Peter Schwalm.

Opening performance: “The End” by Robot and Daniel Hartlaub
Opening speech: Art Historian Dr. Ekkehard Tanner
Opening Live-Set: Steffen Scheuermann

Closing Live-Concert: J PETER SCHWALM & LOTHAR REITZ and aaron_schxfer & singer lunischluni

Thanks for fog @sfxharry and his hot machine.

Thank you to curator Jaqueline Jakobi (@_jacjak) and and crew of @tanzhaus.west and Mathias Morgenstern for setting this up.

The Girl Who Never Was at Alte Schmelze, Milchsackfabrik, Germany.
Charcoal on canvas (Black Drawings) / Video / Furniture / Various objects / Sounds / Performance
7 x 120cm x 320cm
Sounds: J Peter Schwalm
Opening Performance: Daniel Hartlaub
CCTV: Harry Haarstark

CCTV footage of opening:

Opening Performance (Video: Kosmos):


Photos of Opening: Hans-Jürgen Herrmann

Photos of Opening: Barbara Walzer

Photos of Opening: Christian Schuller

Photos of Closing: Sarah Dusse