PAST PERFECT. Family drawings and paintings at KIT- Kunst im Treppenhaus. 2022

Many of the paintings and drawings on the walls of the flat I grew up in were the works of different relatives of my family. Those works did influence my own artistic upbringing.

By positioning selected works of my family next to my own work the idea of the exhibition PAST PERFECT was to show how this influence, in terms of technic and content, expressed itself over time in my pictures and films.

The somewhat, at the same time, privat and public athmosphere of the exhibition space, a hallway of an apartment building in central Frankfurt, turned out to be a pretty perfect place for this.

Felix Hartlaub
Arthur Fauser
Jack Yates
Adolf Hoeffler
Eleonore Hoeffler

On the opening day the Akademischer Arbeiterliederchor (Frankfurt) sang songs by Bertolt Brecht und Kurt Weill.


PAST PERFECT.  Black Drawings at KIT- Kunst im Treppenhaus

Electro Drawings (charcoal) on aluminium, fine-art paper, vinyl wallpaper. Various Sizes
Black Drawings, Charcoal on paper. Various Sizes
Music-Films, Musicvideos, Shortfilms, Experimentalfilms.

Oil on canvass, Pencil on paper, Etching on paper

Watercolour on paper, Papercut, Ink on paper, Aquarelle on paper
Various Sizes

Photos of Opening: Hans-Jürgen Herrmann