THE LAST NEWS. Room Installation / Black Drawings / Video / Performance / Live-Concert at Hotel Nizza, Frankfurt. 2023

For THE LAST NEWS- A Doomsday Scenario (DIE LETZTEN NACHRICHTEN- ein Untergangsszenario) Room 24 of Hotel Nizza was turned into a scenery of neglect and despair. A woman is sleeping in bed. The newsreader on the TV -Screen announces the end of the world. On the walls pictures of humans, animals, man-made things and nature. The woman wakes up, not really paying any attention to THE LAST NEWS.

English music band Necessary Animals wrote and composed the theme song THE LAST NEWS of the exhibition, which was sung live by the singer Alexandra Samouilidou on the opening night.
There is a vinyl 7” inch single of THE LAST NEWS available for purchase with vocals by Amanda Thompson.
TO PURCHASE, please email to:

Watch the music-video THE LAST NEWS.

Also on the opening night actress and singer Ingvild Syntropia, who also starres in the THE LAST NEWS as the weatherwoman, was performing dark, apocalyptic Viking folk songs in the neo-classical bathroom of Hotel Nizza.

After the opening the exhibition could only be attended by an overnight stay in ROOM 24.

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THE LAST NEWS. Room Installation / Black Drawings / Video / Performance / Live-Concert.
Room 24 of Hotel Nizza, Frankfurt Germany.
July-August 2023.
Black Drawings / Video (score by Necessary Animals) / Furniture / Various objects / Food.

Idea/Drawings: Daniel Hartlaub
Performer: Marie Bretschneider
Props: Sabrina Bautz / Bianca Stich
Make-up and Costumes : Annabelle Krukow
Thank you: Stefanie Pesin/Aaron Schäfer/Jan Brand/Sven Kühn
and Hotel Nizza and its team.

Kindly funded by the DEPARTMENT OF CULTURE FRANKFURT and Hessian Ministry of Higher Education, Research and the Arts.



Photos of opening night


Photos of ROOM 24