THE LAST NEWS. Music Video. 2023


The film footage for the music video was recorded from the Live TV-Performance THE LAST NEWS– A Doomsday Scenario (DIE LETZTEN NACHRICHTEN– ein Untergangsszenario) in ROOM 24 of Hotel Nizza in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

The performance was part of the exhibition with the same name which took place in the hotel in July 2023.

The song The Last News was sung live by the singer Alexandra Samouilidou on the opening night of the exhibition.

Germany 2023
Length: 6:32 m

Music: Necessary Animals
With: Marie Bretschneider (Woman in bed) / People in room (Ghosts)
Idea, Script, Editing: Daniel Hartlaub
Photography: Jens Jensen / Daniel Hartlaub
Props: Sabrina Bautz / Bianca Stich
Make-up and Costumes: Annabelle Krukow

Film footage taken from the film The Last News – Die Letzten Nachrichten
Film footage taken from film recordings of US nuclear weapons tests between 1940-60. Source: Internet

Thank you: Stefanie Pesin(Aaron Schäfer/Jan Brand/Sven Kühn
and Hotel Nizza and its team

Kindly funded by the DEPARTMENT OF CULTURE FRANKFURT and Hessian Ministry of Higher Education, Research and the Arts.