KOMBI-NATION. Music Video. 2001

Supported and financed by the City of Frankfurt „City – Whispers” recalls in words and images the experiences of young Frankfurt hip hoppers, what they […]

Hack ´n Slay

Two strangers in a park are having a good time. Germany 2001 Mini-DV Length: 2:52 m Music: Immanuel Cunt Camera/Editing: Daniel Hartlaub. Festivals Back Up Festival […]


  Point Blank Germany, 2017 Duration: 4:31 min. Animation Daniel Hartlaub Music Sieghart Schubert Thanks to Kirstin Zahnt, Georg Brinkies and Jakob Roepke. The Film […]

POINT BLANK. Video. 2017

The Room Installation POINT BLANK consists of a wallpaper Black Drawing, wooden sculptures (Georg Brinkies), Bauhaus furniture and a video (score by Sieghart Schubert). It was my […]